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About Us

Our company is located in Shanghai, China. We specialize in manufacturing portable hyperbaric chambers, home oxygen concentrators, etc. Our chambers are certified with ISO13485 and CE certification, and we also hold a PATENT REGISTRATION for our chambers. In the past 7 years, our chambers are sold over 35 countries in which Japan is our main market. 

We present the strong quality commitment and we have gone through hard work to be able to offer this health equipment at an accessible price for the first time in the world, We are proud to be the top Chinese factory doing this chambers and be able to give an opportunity to people that need HBOT in their life’s.

A lot of professional sport players have started to use this chambers and the health benefits this offers are scientifically backed up. 

We are happy to be the most reliable provider in the world, we can design the chamber with customer’s logo with no MOQ. We welcome not only family buyers, but also sales companies by providing you with tailored OEM products. With confident and enthusiastic service, we expects our cooperation with products of sound quality and affordable price.