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Medicines and medical devices

Family health equipment: pain massage equipment, and family health self detection equipment, and sphygmomanometer, and electronic temperature table, and multifunctional treatment instrument, and laser treatment instrument, and blood sugar instrument, and diabetes treatment instrument, and vision improved equipment, and sleep improved equipment, and oral health health supplies, and family emergency treatment products; family with health massage products: electric Massage Chair/bed; massage Rod; massage beat; massage pillow; massage cushion; Massage belt; blood cycle machine; foot tub; foot end of massage device; Handheld Massager, massage slimming belt; therapeutic apparatus foot physiotherapy apparatus weight belt car seat; knead pad Massage Chair breast; beauty Massager;

Home medical equipment: Chair household cervical and lumbar traction, traction, physical therapy equipment, instrument, massage, functional chairs, sleep function, support devices, inflatable air cushion for medical use; oxygen, boiling, hearing aids and other

Home care equipment: family rehabilitation auxiliary appliances, women during pregnancy and baby care products, household support gas transmission equipment; oxygen cylinders, oxygen bags, family first aid kits, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, nursing bed

Commonly used medical equipment in hospitals: trauma treatment, surgery, surgical lights, patient monitors, anesthesia machine, breathing machine, blood cell Analyzer, polarization Analyzer, microplate, washing machines, urine Analyzer, ultrasound (ultrasonography, b Super), x-ray machines, NMR