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Special regulation of medical devices

On March 17, 2014, the State food and Drug Administration told a press conference, from now on, State food and Drug Administration for 5 months in the national focus on medical devices "five regulation" initiative, focused on regulation of false registration, breaches of medical devices production, illegal business operations, increase awareness, the use of unlicensed products five acts. Special action for key products, key enterprises and key clues as a breakthrough, through unannounced visits to research, a combination of focused investigation, raids, crack down on illegal behavior, and further regulate the market order.

National food drug prison General requirements, special action in the, found illegal violations behavior of, are from fast, and strictly, and from heavy processing, and according to legal regulations provides of ceiling be punishment; plot serious of, are revoked production operators and products of license documents; suspected crime of, are transferred police organ law held criminal; on exists security hidden of products, are stop sales and using, ordered Enterprise recalled and supervision destroyed.