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Application Of Biodegradable Polymers In Medical Equipment

Jul 11, 2016

Biological material in disease treatment and medical health in the play has important of role, by material nature, biological material can is divided into inert material and can degradation sex material two species, currently biological material of development rendering out by inert to can degradation sex (hydrolysis and enzyme degradation) change of trend, this showed that now many play temporary treatment role (help body repair or regeneration damaged organization) of biological inert devices will was can degradation material devices alternative.

Compared with the inert materials, biodegradable polymer materials for medical devices is a more ideal material, inert devices widespread long-term poor compatibility problems and needed a second operation, and biodegradable polymer devices these defects do not exist. The last 20 years there have been some new medical technologies in the biomedical, including tissue engineering, drug delivery, regenerative medicine, gene therapy and bio-nanotechnology, medical technology needs of these new biodegradable polymer materials for support, it also promotes the development of biodegradable polymer materials accordingly.