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Controlled Medical Equipment Under The Fee Or Price Foreign Companies Bet On The Primary Market

Jul 11, 2016

Medical cost control flag waving, medical equipment or in price. After this newspaper reported the national sanitation planning commissions take the money bag, published a notice about the determine health care costs increase as soon as possible, and strive to the end of 2017 national medical cost increases below 10% message, this means that medical cost increases to "middle cut half." This reporter learned that, in addition to channel some assistant medicine, preventive medicine in hospitals could face landslides outside the performance, future will also hit prices for medical supplies, medical equipment, and high performance, made in China is more likely to benefit from it.

As supplies throughout the bidding continues to advance, the tender "price war" playing around, especially-made medical supplies, have say goodbye to the past era of high margins, profits are falling. According to a Guangzhou hospital an orthopedic doctor introduced does not in fact need policy guidance, price/performance, the market has become more and more popular-made medical supplies, the amount has already exceeded the imports of medical supplies.

In this regard, industry analysts said: "at present in the medical device industry, high-end markets, such as CT, MI, NMR and other equipment still fundamentally dominated by imported products. And now, in the hospital market is saturated, large equipment sales stalled cases, companies are still turning in the low-end market, and agreed that with the deepening of reform, grassroots marketing will be very promising. "But it also said that China's medical device industry after years of development, although the gap between high-end products and foreign brands are still not small, but low-end products has gradually caught up with the international standards, so foreign brands in this field" hand-to-hand combat "is inevitable, price surges or total hits.