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Corneal Reshaping Lens Is A Class III Medical Device Necessary To Normal Body Fitting

Jul 11, 2016

Below 600 degrees of myopia and astigmatism up to 150 degrees, are available through Orthokeratology desired myopia control effect. But not all are suitable for patients with myopia Orthokeratology lens required corneal topography, biological parameters measurement instrument, slit lamp and a series of more than 10 items of inspection, compliance with wearing conditions. "Eye conjunctiva, cornea, eyelid, tear film and other exceptions; severe diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or other systemic contraindications; environment, health conditions are not eligible and cannot cope or listen to the doctor and other people, not for corneal reshaping lens wear. "Director Kang Ye Yantai aier eye hospital said.

It is understood that the corneal reshaping lens and heart valves, stents, belong to the national class I medical devices. State explicitly, and head and above, is equipped with eye doctors and optometric professionals, have medical qualifications of formal institutions, access to appropriate medical device distributing Enterprise license can shape for supporting actor film inspection mirror, so when parents give their children wear corneal reshaping, be sure to select the regular fitting the eye hospital with appropriate qualifications.