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Domestic Medical Devices Industry Rapid Development Experts To Growth Is Shifting The Critical Period

Jul 11, 2016

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, July 9 (reporter Hu Hao)-reporters ended 9th in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province of China medical device cooperation forum was informed that ushered in rapid development in recent years in China's medical device industry, sales rose almost 6 times in 8 years. Experts believe that the industry has ushered in the "growth is shifting" and "structure" a critical period.

2015 blue book on China's medical device industry, according to the China medical device market in 2015 the total size of about 308 billion yuan, was nearly 6 times times the 2007 year 53.5 billion yuan. According to the State food and Drug Administration statistics, by the end of November 2015, nationwide there is a medical device manufacturer 14,151, features remain small and scattered.

On this, China Medicare Chamber of Commerce Deputy President Xu Ming think, currently, domestic constantly growth of medical needs for medical devices industry created has continued of development power, domestic medical devices industry should speed up "growth for block" "structure optimization", makes products from low added value to in the high added value structure change, more to materials, and technology, and new process, and new concept as enterprise new era pursuit of target.

University China open economic and international technology cooperation strategy Research Center Professor Xia Youfu is recommends, China medical devices enterprise to see associate in global industry chain and value chain in the location again started, upgrade in global value chain in the of participation degree, reflected development in the of stage, play open type economic of led sex, play competition elements of integrated, to himself most with advantage of capacity embedded global value chain.