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Medical Device Intelligent Family To Be Networked Development

Jul 11, 2016

As early as 3 years ago, when emerging family of medical device products is especially eye-catching. For example some chairs and beds equipped with a sensor system, as long as the person sitting in a Chair or lie down in bed, sensing system can show the body's heart rate, respiration, pulse and other information, all the information at a glance.

For the rapid development of home medical equipment, industry analysts say, home medical era, is not so much the gaming of the interests of manufacturers of medical devices, is more general than the Gospel of urban syndromes. And development goals are clear, is intelligent and family-oriented.

Intelligent medical devices, generally is reflected in the use of advanced information and communication technology, such as sensors, triggers, and/or a biomedical monitor remote patient data collection and automatic diagnosis, remind the relevant personnel in the sum of technology. Families are means without hospitalization or other organization's cases, patients can be in many "intelligent" devices all day with the assistance of live in their own environment

"For intelligent, family-oriented medical devices lack scientific and reasonable standard, standard of assessment and admission procedures and bottlenecks encountered in innovation. "Su Ying said that in the new health care reform, the medical device industry support and incentives to benefit quite a lot, so perhaps the next few years will be the high point of the medical device industry. Which the medical device family and intelligent brings opportunity. With policy support, perhaps these difficulties will be solved.