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New Means Of Managing Greater Regulation Of Medical Devices: On The Downstream Check

Jul 11, 2016

Recently, for implementation good General on regulation medical devices circulation illegal business behavior of announcement (2016 112th,), zone market supervision Council following drug prison General of special supervision check, and offsite cross check, and award public social reported Hou, enabled medical devices business check new means "Shang downstream extends check"--that on medical devices business industry households carried out devices flows and notes authenticity of Shang downstream extends track check.

Zone market supervision authority requirements again unified training check personnel, combined daily regulatory, and special regulation, and risk grading, and complaints reported and the business license record of site check, work, will daily management level low, and purchase and sale channel chaos, problem more, and self-examination found problem less, and rectification measures poor of enterprise and engaged in need low temperature, and refrigerated medical devices business enterprise as focus check object, on each focus Enterprise extraction several varieties, carried out flows and notes authenticity of Shang downstream extends check, Once a violation is found, will be disposed of according to law.

Zone marketing authority to concentrate on treatment of poor organization, discovery, problem rectification measures were not followed up, not implementation of inspection points.