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Orthopedic Medical Device Market In-depth Analysis

Jul 11, 2016

Orthopaedics is near to many medical device giant's most important areas, but also a bargain is the most tender area, in such good alternating with the cut, the future development of the market will be like?

Development history, internal orthopedic medical devices

Chinese orthopedic medical device development time is not long, only 20 years or so, 90 of Orthopedic medical device market is a buyer's market, many orthopaedic surgeons are looking for a manufacturer, and product manufacturers to do some fit, 90 began gradually to foreign investment, but also gave birth to a number of local companies.

Two concepts, orthopedics and its academic classification

Divided from a treatment perspective, trauma orthopedic medical device can be classified into classes, class of spine, joints, ankle type. Trauma type is the most common, is the basis of most, followed by the class of spine, joint, and now a new ankle, in some large hospitals now more fine, some even class also for cervical and lumbar segments of the spine.

Third, the domestic market of Orthopaedics profiles

Orthopedic medical devices medical devices from the whole proportion generally account for about 6%, orthopaedic devices in the medical device industry as a whole is seen as high-value consumables, higher technology content. Investigation reports show that orthopedic medical device industry in the past few years in line with growth of the market is over 20% by 2018, largely 15% of compound annual growth rate, the size of the market can reach 21 billion, grew larger during the joint and spine classes, can reach more than 20%.